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  • Where are you located?
    Max's Brows is located within the historic Clifton Arcade situated in the heart of Clifton Village. This unique and beautiful Victorian shopping arcade has a wide variety of independent shops. Max's Brows sits on the 1st Floor within Units Tate & Hayward, tucked away so you can enjoy a private & peaceful treatment.
  • How do I find you?
    There are two different ways to find Max's Brows. Entrance 1) The easiest way is to enter Clifton Arcade through the main entrance on Boyce's Avenue. You will see huge double doors & written above is Clifton Arcade. Once you enter the arcade, walk all the way to the end & you will see a big set of stairs with a gorgeous stone window. The stairs fork left or right & you want to take the right set. Once at the top you will see a long hallway with my sign at the end. Walk most of the way down, I am located in Units Tate & Hayward. Once you arrive for your appointment please knock and I will let you in. If you haven't made an appointment you are more than welcome to come and find the studio but if my door is closed it means I'm with a client so please don't knock or try to enter as it will disrupt their treatment. There is a stand of flyers outside the door with my information & ways to book an appointment. You can also call me & leave me a message if you have any questions & I will get back to you as soon as I can. Entrance 2) If you arrive for your appointment and the double doors on Boyce's Avenue are closed it means the arcade itself is closed and you will have to use the other entrance to find me. You can find the second entrance on King's Road. I have attached a photo of the doorway you want to locate. Once you enter this doorway walk 10/15 steps & you will see a set of stone stairs on your left. Take these stairs to the top at which point you will see a door marked Arcade Chambers. If the door is open there is a buzzer for Max's Brows. Please ring the buzzer and I will come and greet you. If it's closed please message me to say you've arrived and I will come and greet you.
  • Where can I park?
    There are a lots of different parking options, I have attached my 3 most recommended. If you have booked a new semi-permanent brow treatment please leave 3 hours for your appointment. 1) The closest place to park is on Clifton Down Road, closest to King's Road. This is pay & display up to 3 hours & is less than 1 minute away from Max's Brows. There are limited spaces available on this road. 2) Clifton Park closest to Christ Church. This road is situated just a 2/3 minute walk away from Max's Brows. There are more spaces available here and you can pay & display up to 3 hours. 3) College Road, closest to Clifton high School. This is a very long road with a multitude of spaces & is the best option if you are having trouble finding a space elsewhere or want to arrive early for your appointment to have a wander beforehand. You can pay & display up to 5 hours & permits run from 9am-5pm so after that it's free. If you are going to drive to your appointment please leave time to find a space as Clifton Village is a busy area.
  • Is there any information I need to know before booking?
    Yes! I have put together a form that contains lots of information that is necessary to know before making an appointment. Please read over the information and don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions. Certain skin or medical conditions may restrict you from getting a treatment done. If you are under medical care and are unsure whether it may be right for you please consult your medical specialist. Please also note that Semi-Permanent makeup cannot be done if you are pregnant or nursing.
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